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Unless otherwise noted, most Karst Field Studies courses are headquartered at Mammoth Cave International Center for Science and Learning at Hamilton Valley located just outside of Mammoth Cave National Park. Course participants may choose to stay in the Hamilton Valley facility bunk houses or camp on the research center grounds. The cost for camping or staying in a bunk house is $14 per day. Space will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.


The Hamilton Valley facility consists of three buildings: 2 lodging buildings with 10 bunkrooms (holding 4 bunks each) and a main coomon space building. The buildings are connected by a sidewalk. All buildings are air-conditioned and heated. The commons building has restrooms, showers, a sitting area, workspaces, and deck overlooking the valley. A fullly-equipped kitchen is also available for prepping, storing, and cooking. You must supply your own food. Basic kitchen utensils, pots and pans, and appliances are available for use. Wireless internet access is available in the main commons building of the facility, but is not available in bunk rooms. Shower facilities are provided in the commons building, but you are expected to bring your own toiletries and towels. Individuals lodging at Hamilton Valley are also expected to bring their own bed linens (twin size) and pillow for use in your bunk room.

Majority of participants can expect to  share their bunk room with one or two other course participants. Lodging in an individual bunk room may be available at an additional fee depending on the number of course participants.

Accommodations are also available at local motels in either Cave City or at Park-Mammoth Resort in Park City, Kentucky. Participants wishing to stay in Cave City or Park City must make their own reservations. Please fill out the accommodation request form even if you are planning on making your own arrangements. View the form.

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