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Undergraduate & Graduate Academic Credit

Undergraduate and Graduate credit for the Karst Field Studies courses are accredited through the Department of Earth, Environmental, & Atmospheric Sciences at Western Kentucky University (WKU). Students will receive 3 credit hours for each course, and may take up to 2 different courses for credit. Course size is limited and if minimum enrollment is not met, the course may be cancelled.


In order to receive college credit, each student must complete an independent research project which will be coordinated by the course instructor. Participants who are not WKU students and wish to take courses for credit should confirm with their university that the course they wish to take will transfer back to their home institution for academic credit.


Students taking courses for credit must apply to enroll at Western Kentucky University. The enrollment process for credit must be completed before summer course registration can occur. Undergraduate students who do not attend WKU should check with the Registrar to register for courses as a non-degree seeking student. Contact the registrar's office at (270) 745-3351 or via email at for an application for admission or further information on the enrollment process at WKU. Be sure to explain that you are taking a field program course at WKU, and will not be a full-time student. Also be sure that you apply to be a student in the Summer term since you enrollment term will Influence if and how you can register for the course. You may also visit the WKU Registrar webpage at for more information.


To receive course credit, graduate students from other universities need to fill out an application for graduate admission to WKU as a non-degree student (there is a check box for this on the application). Once the application is completed, students should send it and the application fee to the Graduate School. For more information and for an application visit:


WKU will directly bill students taking courses for both graduate and undergraduate credit. In addition to tuition fees all students must pay a nonrefundable lab fee of $250 to the Karst Field Studies Program through the "Register Now" tab, which will take you to a registration link. Failure to pay this fee will result in your removal from the course roster. If the course is cancelled the $250 fee will be refunded. Please note: tuition costs for academic credit are based on your level (undergraduate and graduate) and residency (Kentucky resident, non-resident, or international). These costs are beyond the control of the Karst Field Studies Program.

Instructions for registering for Graduate or Undergraduate credit courses:
If you are not already a WKU student, you must first complete all WKU application items and pay the nominal application fee to become a non-degree student of WKU (see above for links and contact information). Once you have been accepted, or if you are already a WKU student, click on the "Register Now" tab and follow the instructions to pay the lab fee through registration link. Once the fee is processed, the course restriction will be lifted from your academic account. After this hold is lifted, proceed to register for the course on WKU TopNet. You will receive your tuition bill directly from the WKU Bursars Office to your WKU email address. If you do not receive a bill within a few weeks, you should contact the Bursars office and inquire. Lastly, complete and submit all required forms found under the "Required Forms" tab by following the instructions on each form.

Instructions for Billing
All billing statements are emailed to the student 's WKU topper email address. It is recommended that students establish a "Billing Email Address" for the individual responsible for making payment (or change the email address to another email address of your own). This can be accomplished by logging onto TopNet, selecting the "Personal Information" tab, clicking on "View/Update Email Address(es)" and selecting "Billing Email Address" from the drop down menu at "Type of E-mail to Insert". Please refer to the WKU Fee Payment Due Dates website to see when bills will be emailed.

Please note: Students claiming In-state Residency Tuition Pricing must indicate a KY address on all WKU application materials. Failure to do so will result in Out-of-State Tuition Pricing.

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