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The three boxes below will take you pages with information related to accomodation logistics and packing lists. One uniqueness of the KFS prgram is the diversity of participants in any given course. KFS courses are taken by a participants with a diversity of cave and karst experience from novice to expert. Participants also range in age and come from across the United States and internationally. This melting pot of participants creates a unique learning environment that extends well beyond classrom and field instruction.


Course life at Hamilton Valley typically consists of course instruction in the morning in the common space of Hamilton Valley Research Station (where most participants will lodge). Students will also make themselves breakfast and prepare for a day in the field and/or caves. In the evenings, participants often hang out in the common space discussing the material of the day and relaxing. Even if lodging at a nearby motel, course participants are welcome to stay at Hamilton Valley as much as they wish during the day and evenings.

Since a diversity of participants enroll in a KFS course, their accomodation needs and packing lists often vary. The  information shared through the linked pages below is intended to be guide. Please use your best judgement when preparing for your KFS course. We also recommend that you reach out to the course instructors (contact information found of course syllabi documents) or director of the KFS program at if you have any questions on how to prepare for and/or what to expect during your course.

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